How To Care For PVC & Timber Plantation Shutters

How To Care For PVC & Timber Plantation Shutters

When you have PVC or timber plantation shutters, knowing how to care for them can keep them looking as good as new. Depending on their material, your shutters will require varying levels of care to stay clean and last for years to come. We’ve put together this helpful guide to make cleaning your shutters straightforward and stress-free.

PVC shutters

With PVC plantation shutters, you’ll have a low-maintenance window covering solution that’s also easy to clean. As dust can easily collect between your PVC shutters, we recommend you dust them monthly to ensure no particles build up. A soft cloth works well, or you might use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to help you get the job done.

If your shutters need a deeper clean, you can wipe down the blades using a cloth soaked in water or with mild detergent added. If you do use a detergent, make sure it’s a natural product. Avoid bleach or household cleaners, as these can strip the paint on your shutters. It’s then important to dry the shutters with another cloth to remove any lingering moisture. Avoid using any harsh sponges or materials which can cause damage.

Timber plantation shutters

Timber plantation shutters add a natural appearance to your home, and they require a little extra care than other varieties of shutters. The moisture of the hot Australian climate can cause the timber to warp, break or chip, so we advise against hanging timber shutters in moisture-rich areas like bathrooms or kitchens. Additionally, avoid cleaning them with water. To restore their appearance, wipe them with a cloth or duster. If you do use water to clean your shutters, it’s important you wipe off the moisture immediately with a soft cloth to prevent warping or damage.

If you notice dust, the brush attachment on your vacuum can really help to remove debris more quickly. Or if you’ve noticed your timber fading, furniture polish can be applied to your shutters to increase their aesthetic and restore colour and shine. As timber is prone to scratching, make sure you work as gently as possible with a soft cloth to avoid any unwanted abrasions.

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