5 Reasons Why People Love White Plantation Shutters In Their Homes

5 Reasons Why People Love White Plantation Shutters In Their Homes

We’re a little bit in love with Plantation Shutters here at Phoenix Blinds. They’re one of the most stylish ways to dress your windows and because they’re so easy to adjust they’re a perfect way to control light, privacy and airflow.

Why do people love white plantation shutters?

We have a great range of colours for our plantation shutters but somehow many of our customers are drawn to our beautiful white plantation shutters. Now we know you’re a creative bunch with an eye for colour and style, so what is it that makes white plantation shutters so irresistible?

1. White plantation shutters are timeless

In fact, we’d bet that when you first picture plantation shutters you picture white – perhaps on a sweeping veranda, or gracing an elegant mansion. White has been used for plantation shutters all over the world for decades and they’re still extremely popular to this day.

2. They help keep things cool

As well as looking gorgeous, plantation shutters play an important role in keeping your home comfortable. Choosing white plantation shutters helps keep temperatures low simply by reflecting heat. Add in the adjustable slats and you have a great way to keep your home cool and relaxing.

3. Superb in any scheme

We love how well white plantation shutters work in any design scheme. If you’re a fan of the latest minimalist interiors, white plantation shutters can bring interest and texture to the sleekest of neutral interiors, without compromising on simplicity or style.

4. Positive vibes

At Phoenix Blinds we’re great believers in colour theory. The colours you choose for your room will have a huge impact on the atmosphere of a space. White is a colour that speaks of calm and relaxation, which is why it works so well in so many settings. Whether you’re redesigning your kitchen, bathroom or living area, white plantation shutters will enhance the feeling you want to create.

5. Ultimate in flexible living

If you’ve found your forever home then the way you live will change. As you and your family grow you may find the fun of the rumpus room becomes a sophisticated dining space, or perhaps a home office. However you need to use your home, the simplicity and practicality of white plantation shutters will adapt and change as you do.

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